The cheese factory

An important part of our farm is the cheese factory. From the milk of our own animals, we make goat and sheep cheese. It all started around 2017 with 2 goats that were milked manually. Michel learned Sylvia how to make cheese and a new project was born. The first couple of years they were eaten by our pigs regularly because they didn’t meet up to the quality standards of Sylvia. Meanwhile she has mastered the process and the menu of the pigs had to change because now the cheese was on our own menu, that of our guests in the B&B and friends and family came to buy cheese as well.

We faced a problem that we didn’t have enough milk for all the cheese we had to make but the creative mind of Michel had quickly solved that problem. We didn’t only have goats on the farm, there were sheep and why not milk those as well. They were mixed together to make cheese. What started out as a creative solution for a problem, soon turned out to become our trademark due to very loving comments.

In spring we have a lot of cheese very quickly and our stock was filled up rather fast the next year. Michel made his own refrigerated display to go and sell some cheese at a flea market in the next village. Even before the flea market was finished, he was back home and out of stock. That was about the time they realized they were on to something good and things got moving.

In 2021 Michel and Sylvia started to present their cheese on the market of Stenay every week. Once a month they went to the artisan markets of Damvillers and Belleville.

As of 2022 the markets of Villerupt and Verdun were added and local grocers found their way to sell our cheese for us, as well as a restaurant that added our cheese to their menu from time to time.

What started out with 2 goats and some guts is starting to become a real business. We’re ready and ambitious to grow even more!