Real Life 'Farmville'

We welcome anyone who wants to visit our beautiful region and look for a rural area to spend the night. However, welcoming people to take part in our farm life is our true passion, so the ideal guest for us does not only spend the night here, but comes to live with us for a couple of days.

We offer a couple of farm-experiences, called ‘Real Life Farmville’

1. Real Life Farmville
2 days
One overnight stay with breakfast
2 warm lunches
3 workshops

2. Real Life Farmville XL
4 days
3 overnight stays with breakfast
2 warm lunches
1 warm dinner at the day of arrival
4 workshops

3. Real Life Farmville XXL
6 days
5 overnight stays with breakfast
3 warm lunches
1 warm dinner at the day of arrival
6 workshops

The workshops we can offer:
- Feed and taking care for the animals
- Initiation in beekeeping
- Making artisan cheese
- Learn to make local products
- The walk of the bad weeds
- (Cooperative) board games
- Integrating the sky in our living nature during a nightly walk
- Going to the market with our products
- …

Our offer of workshops depends highly on the time of year. We can’t harvest apples in March nor can we plant seeds in august. We also have obligations towards our animals and our customers on the market. That has to be taken into account when making the planning of your stay. The meals we offer in our experiences will be consumed together. All meals that aren’t included can be prepared in a kitchen at your disposal. Depending on your company, it is possible that you’ll have to share this kitchen with other guests. If you’d like to discover the local gastronomy, we can advise you to make a reservation in a restaurant in the area. Do not hesitate to ask us.

With all these possibilities, there are never 2 experiences the same. Contact us to start planning your personal experience!