Our services

Some services and workshops we can propose to enrich your stay with us.

No time to get bored with us. At the break of dawn, the animals will call us to get their breakfast served. 

Here you'll find some of the activities we can propose you to make your stay on our land as interesting as possible. 

Initiation in beekeeping

Explore the world of the bees and all the steps required for some honey in your tea.

The walk of the bad weeds

Follow Sylvia for a walk on our land. She'll show you rather forgotten edible plants. Afterwards she'll make a soup or pesto with those 'not to bad' weeds.

Experience the farmlife

Getting in contact with the animals, giving the bottle to a baby-goat or -sheep, milking the animals, harvesting vegetables or fruits, ... Become a farmer for a day

Dive in the Meuse

We know, and can bring you to, the best places to refresh and bade in the Meuse.

Learn to make our local products

Making cheese, cidre, jam or compote. Join us in making our products from scratch till quality control.


Astrology is a passion of Sylvia for years and she's learning to improve permanently. 

Astrology can give us new points of view to enlighten our path.

(Cooperative) board games

When after a days work you're not to tired yet, there is a possibility to try and catch Jack The Ripper in Whitechapel, or play another (cooperative) board game.